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Essential information to help you succeed in promoting effectively your product and services online.

One marketing technique may work wonders for someone, but that doesn't guarantee that it'll do the same for you. The only way to really know what works for YOUR products and YOUR target audience is to experiment. Testing and experimentation are crucial to increasing your profits.

I received two postcards in the mail yesterday. One was cluttered with so much small text I had difficulty trying to read it. I gave up and trashed it.

The second postcard had a total of 48 words on it including a website address listed on the bottom of the card. The card announced a new book on one of my favorite business topics. Part of one chapter was available to read free at the website listed on the card. I did... then ordered the book.

No matter what you are promoting online, in order to succeed, you got to get website traffic, and lots of it...

Whether you are promoting products, services or affiliate programs, more website traffic means more income.This article will share with you the best free and cheap ways I've learned to get website traffic to my website.


You would think that some of the old Internet myths would just die off with the growth of Internet commerce, but some of them just won't die. Even though you can't ignore the growth of online commerce, businesses still believe some of the exact same myths that were started years ago.

Let's put an end to some of them here and now...

Author: David Gikandi

So you have a web site. No matter what it is all about, it was built for use by people. The good news for you today is that people, no matter how complicated they may all seem, run on a common psychological framework. They use this framework to do just about everything, including use and buy from your web site. Let us look at some standard psychological phenomena that work beautifully when it comes to online sales. Learn and apply these and your online success will definitely soar.

Everyone is looking for that magic formula that will propel his or her web site to phenomenal success. Sooner or later, most people give up their search for this mythical online marketing secret and accept a mediocre level of online business performance that they know deep in their hearts is not what it should be. But a few people discover the secret. As you now will.

Author: Bob Osgoodby

No this isn't an article by Stephen King, but a true synopsis of what can happen to newbies who want to go in business on the Net. Misery equates to how much money you spent vs. the amount you earned. The only thing that differs is the intensity.