If you ask me whether you can really make money working from home, I will answer you that you can, because I've been doing this for twenty years.

If you ask me whether you can make a lot of money, I will answer you that I do not know. I do not know what “a lot of money” means to you. My personal experience is limited to a few thousand dollars a month. And for this experience, the knowledge I have gained through my deeds and mistakes over the years, I want to talk to you.

My purpose is to make this website a place where people in search of a legitimate and profitable work from home job, as their main or part-time income source, can gain knowledge through my own experience, as well as from the experience of other people, whom I consider to be important in this field, and I believe their views and conclusions are valuable to those who are now starting to look for work at home opportunities.

I point out that the reference to "work from home job opportunities" focuses on activities that are completed through computers and the Internet. Of course there are many other kinds of occupations from home, such as in-home child care, pet care provider, selling handcrafted Items, travel agent or call-center representative. My own knowledge and experience concern tasks that require a computer and are done over the Internet. And for this kind of work I wish to inform you, through my own texts and the texts of other people, with great experience.

The concept of "work at home" with the possibilities that technology and the internet now provide us, I would say, includes activities that are not localized in a specific space and time.

This freedom allows people who are bound by some other activity that requires them to be in a particular place, such as a mother raising her young children, to make good use of their time and start earning some money.

The ability to choose the time available will allow some other people, who are already working in a company and have a specific timetable, to take advantage of their spare time to supplement their income.

For a young person who has not yet entered the labor market because she is studying or is now starting to look for work, so she is not bound by family obligations and hours, the choice of work at home can provide her with a second income or, even better, can open the door to a different world.

The world around us is changing. And change means opportunity. Once the ability to achieve something more than a good work position in a successful company required time and money, knowledge, experience and acquaintances. These were the preconditions when businesses were separated from borders, and people's information and communication capabilities were limited to television, telephone and fax.

Globalization and the Internet have overcome these constraints. People's communication has now become simple and easy. Finding people with whom you share the same interests and the same concerns is achievable and easy, through all of the applications available on the Internet, such as Facebook and Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. People's life has changed. Horizons have been opened. Opportunities have multiplied. The same applies to the potential income channels you can create for yourself.

You can choose either to exchange your time with money, or to create residual and leveraged income channels. The first option will earn you some money immediately in return for your time and for as long as you continue to work. The second option takes time. But it allows you, working from your home, to create a source of income that will accompany you throughout your life, as it accompanies me.

This is the main topic of this site. Let me show you how to make your dreams come true or try at least for that, while working from home and within the time frame that suits you.

My own effort started when I was already working in a full time job and had a family to take care of. So, the conditions and boundaries that were already set up did not allow me to invest all my time and energy in my work from home job. But, even as a second source of income, it gave me what I needed, the freedom which that extra money gives you.

I hope it will happen to you too. I hope the content of my site will become your guide and a source of knowledge on your way to finding the work at home that suits you and that will provide you with money to feel free, strong and alive!