"Hello Tasos,

I have read your ebook & it is fantastic, I wished I could have had a book like this when I started. It is very informative, you did a great job in showing and explaining in detail everything about Network Marketing. I was completely blown away!! For someone who's first language is not English you did an excellent job conveying all the little details that I didn't even know. I left your E-book with so much knowledge that I now will incorporate in my Foundation of my business. I think your are a very special & intelligent man & I hope to gain as much knowledge from you as I can. GREAT JOB!!!!!!!"

Frank Barge, SFI Powerline Team Leader

"Dear Tasos,

Thanks for sending me your book. I already started and it is great! Step by step guides is what affiliates always ask for. I already read the whole Target No. I, which is the knowledge I needed long ago to help my affiliates start the same way you helped me.

Tomorrow I will try to read the whole Target No. II. I'm really hooked up with your book. Can't wait to write a business plan for my affiliates which includes it. It is a MUST."

Orlando Prieto, SFI Powerline Team Leader

"Dear Tasos,

I have completed reading your book. It contains the facts of your true experience with SFI. I also encounter almost the same experience, but I am not so fortunate as you possessing the expertise of making a good website and maintaining the search engine acceptance. I will recommend it to all my affiliates."

Albert Lee, SFI Powerline Team Leader

 If you are looking for an answer in the question

"What exactly do I have to do to start making money on the Internet?"

then you have come to the right place.

This guide is exactly what you are looking for: 

A practical, STEP - BY - STEP method to establish a profitable work at business on the Internet! 

It will teach you the secrets of Network Marketing on the Internet.

There is knowledge on how to become a successful Network Marketer on the Internet.

And this knowledge is hidden.

You have to search, dig deep, read, study, compare, analyze, test and retry to start getting results with your Internet home based business.

This book provides you with ALL the pieces of the knowledge you need

and will guide you, STEP by STEP, to use them  effectively,

in order to achieve your final purpose, which is to create a profitable business

that can give you financial freedom! 

As soon as you will start reading, you will discover it's priceless value hidden in every page of it!

Without it, you will need to invest much more time to learn and much more time to become experienced. Precious time.

Time to make mistakes, time to correct them and time to step forward to the next step, probably to the next mistake and so on.

This is exactly what I am offering to you!

I can save you time and personal effort.  I can put you ahead in the race!

While others will be struggling to find their way to build a profitable home business, you will be already miles away towards your financial freedom!

You see, you must know WHAT you are looking for

and WHERE to find it.  And, MOST OF ALL, you must know HOW to combine

all this knowledge together and MAKE MONEY OUT OF IT!

This is exactly my intention: 

To save you time and reveal all the ingredients you need in order to start immediately your work at home business!

I can teach you how to use some of your free every-day time to achieve this scope!


You are already thinking: "What's in it for him? Why is he offering this method for free?".

Have patience. You'll find out in thirty seconds, at the end of this little speech of mine.


You may, also, be thinking: "There must be books and other offline and online resources that introduce and analyze the same issue".

Unfortunately most of them stop in the introduction.

On the contrary, this is where this guide starts!  It exploits all the knowledge gathered about creating and promoting a work at home opportunity on the Internet.  You will have to put your hands on the keyboard.  Apart from analyzing each task thoroughly, this practical method guides you, step by step, in the creation of your website.  You will follow the instructions, you will implement every task needed in order to build and optimize your website and transform it into an effective marketing tool, capable to help you become a successful Network Marketer and reach financila freedom!


I understand that you are still skeptical and a bit on the conservative side.

Probably, as you are reading this words, you are asking yourself, inside your mind: 


- Who is Tasos Vasilopoulos?

- How do I know that he really is in position to show me the way to make money working online in a Network Marketing Company?  

- Does he really possess all this knowledge needed to create and maintain a successful work at home business?  

- Does he really has the experience to guide me through this procedure?

- Is his method really successful?


   work at home method - Network Marketing ebook  

The answer is simple:

I'm a Team Leader of SFI Marketing Group.

SFI MG is one of the leading companies in Network Marketing on the Internet.

Currently, among the tenths of thousands of active affiliates working for SFI there are a few hundreds of Team Leaders.

I am one of them.


red checker  I am receiving commissions from a group of more than 5,000 affiliates.

red checker  I have Team Leaders inside my group. I also receive commissions of their groups.

red checker  I receive residual commissions from my personal work.

red checker  I receive leveraged commissions from the work of all cooperators in my entire network.

red checker  I receive bonuses for being a leader, a teacher, a mentor.

Also, I’m one like you

I started from nowhere.

All I had was a computer, a connection to the Internet and my free time.

Also, I had something precious in me: my determination to succeed!

I wanted to become financially independent!

I was determined to obtain my financial freedom!

I didn’t start well. I faced many problems. I am sure you have understood that English is not my native language. I was working with the dictionary in hand in order to communicate with my co-workers, read from resources on the Internet or in books. I had to learn from my mistakes. I had to make one step at a time and evaluate the results. Many times I had to make steps back, but I was always returning stronger, well prepared and more determined than ever! I had to search, to discover, to read, to learn, to test, to understand, to evaluate, to organize and to take action.

Slowly, things started getting better and better every month. Many ideas were born in my head, as I was exploring and getting to know how Internet marketing works and how I can use its functions for my behalf. New streams of income started getting shape in front of me. And my commissions started to increase every month. My co-workers were following my steps and producing results under my instructions and guidance.  Even some network marketers from other companies started writing to me asking my opinion about their marketing methods in promoting their businesses. The first, difficult period, was behind me.

Now I know exactly WHAT to do and HOW to do it.


In this step-by-step guide I include all the experience I gained these last 19 years. All the knowledge I have gathered since year 2000 regarding Network Marketing on the Internet.  I have divided my method in tasks. Then I divided these tasks in small, simple steps. Analyzed them. Reworked them. Tested them with my co-workers.  And created this ebook.

My method seems to be simple. But the implementation of it won't be easy. It demands persistence and commitment from your part. As everything important does. Most people have to go to University and study for years to be in position to earn good money.

You can have your website up and running in two weeks. And be ready to receive your first well-targeted visitors after 2 months of 3 hours every day work. Under my instructions many of them will become your clients and, most important, your co-workers.



  Network Marketing Online - A proven, step - by step, method    

   The choice is yours!

   Grab this tool that will lead you safely into a well defined and successful plan of work ...


   ... keep searching for the pieces you need to assembly, in order to setup your online business.


You can get this ebook free of charge!


I would also like to offer you something more, the opportunity to evaluate how a real, legitimate and robust network marketing company operates online.

For free of course, without any obligation at all.

To download my ebook you will have to register (for FREE) with SFI.

This will require a registration by your side, which includes a double opt-in procedure.  This means that you will receive an email in your email-box, where you will have to click on a link, in order for your registration to be completed and your account to be activated.

There is NEVER any cost required to be an SFI affiliate.

You may opt-out at anytime.

You will be able to download the ebook right after your first login to SFI's corporate portal, where a "special message" from me will be expecting for you, with instructions for immediate download.


Click here to register with SFI for FREE and download the ebook

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