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Years in the Making

Hardly a day goes by that I donít hear from a member questioning why theyíre not seeing a big check yet. More times than not, the person asking hasnít even been a member for more than 90 days and is only barely beginning to even understand how the whole SFI system works. And frankly, even if the number was six months, itís still much too early to be expecting a significant income stream to have developed.

I always say that if youíre not willing to give a business at least a year, donít even bother getting involved. Understand: It takes time to get to know all the nuances of the compensation plan. It takes time to determine which products you want to lead with. It takes time to develop a game plan. It takes time to figure out what marketing activities deliver the biggest bang for the buck. Anything worthwhile takes sustained effort. If youíre not thinking long term, youíve set yourself up for failure. REPEAT: If youíre not thinking long term, youíve set yourself up for failure. I canít emphasize this enough!!!!

But letís look at some real examples and see if we can put some perspective on this. Iíll start with myself. My success as a home business entrepreneur is well known. Having earned over eight million dollars, Iím sure there are some whoíd vote me in to the Home Business Hall of Fame if there were such a thing. Yet what most of those same people donít know is that I LOST money my first two years. I only broke even in my third year. And it was only when I got to my fourth year did I see my first profit. Was it worth it? Are you kidding?!! Today I live a dream life, work from my dream home, drive my dream car --Iím blessed beyond my wildest expectations.

But letís go much farther. Letís look at some members of SFIís $100,000 Club, the actual home business superstars weíve featured in Six-Figure Income Magazine.

ROBERT BLACKMAN now earns as much as $85,000 per month.
Yet it took Robert 2 years to see his first 4--figure check ($1000 or more), and it took him 5 years to see his first 5-figure check ($10,000 or more).

CHARLES LESLIEís monthly income exceeds $12,000 a month.
It took Charles 5 months to see his first $1000 check, and 3 1/2 years to see his first $10,000 check.

TRACY DIETERICH earns $36,000+ monthly.
But it took six months to hit that first $1000, and a year to get to $10,000.

DALE CALVERT makes so much more than $100,000 a year that he wonít even divulge the amount. Yet Dale worked four months before seeing that first 4-figure commission check...and two full years before hitting five figures.

DR. JOE RUBINO now cruises at over $62,000 each month.
But that first $1000 check took 2 months, the first $10,000 check, one year.

ROBERT BUTWIN drops $80,000 or more into his bank account each month.
But would you believe that first $1000 check took two years to reach, and a full FIVE years for Robert to reach the first $10,000 check? Itís true!

DAVID A. NELSON clears $40,000 in a month.
But reaching that first $1000 check took 18 months. Reaching the 5-figure check took two years.

TONY KENT has exceeded $90,000 in monthly earnings
But exceeding $1000 took Tony 1 year...and a year and a half to exceed $10,000.

In other words, even the most dynamic, highest-earning entrepreneurs in the industry took MONTHS to begin seeing an income of any real significance. And the real wealth, the $100,000+ income we all strive for, took an average of almost THREE YEARS to achieve!

Do you think ANY of these gentlemen donít think the ends justified the means? Do you think for an instant that the months and years invested hasnít been rewarded a thousand times at least? You don't even have to think about it, do you?

If I told you that after 2-3 years of following our system youíd be making more in a month than you now make in a year, could you handle that? If you were sitting across from me right now, I can look you in the eye and tell you that this is a genuine and realistic goal. But when you say to me you want to quit your job in six or nine months and live off the income from your new business, Iíll tell you that probably is not reality.

Not what you wanted to hear, right? But is what Iím suggesting so tough to swallow? Of course not. Can you think of any other endeavor where you could invest just 5-10 hours a week for a couple years and at the end of that time have turned it into a $3000 - $10,000 residual monthly income stream? Money that keeps coming in month after month, year after year. Money that keeps coming in whether you work ten hours a day or two. A commission check waiting for you in your mailbox when you return from yet another vacation. Money that when youíve left this planet continues to provide for your spouse, children, or grandchildren.

Sounds extremely nice, doesnít it? But again, these are not things youíre going to see in your first year. It just ainít gonna happen, folks! Some of you, the go-getters, you WILL see it happen in your second year. For most of you, however, you need to be thinking 2-5 years. And you know what? When you get there, I guarantee you, youíll say it was nothing!

We reap what we sow, but the harvest is never in the same season as the planting! Today you are planting...and will be at least for the next several months. Your harvest will come in time. Be persistent. Be patient. Work the Web using our proven SFI system. Think long term. Take action every day, (no matter how small) to build your business and you cannot fail. Great success will be yours if you follow this simple formula.


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