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Four Simple Tips for Networking Outside of the BOX

By Todd Falcone

Box. What box? I don't live in a box! What are you talking about?

I'm talking about that little square we live in every day. No...not our home, not our room, nor our office. It's where we reside in our minds and how we go about living our lives. The box represents our actions and our thoughts that bring about different results in the things that we do.

You've probably heard the saying, "Find out what everybody else is doing and do the exact opposite if you want to be successful" right? That is certainly the beginning of living outside of the box in one dimension.

To obtain better results, do something different. Do something unusual or unexpected. Stick out. BE somebody. Uniqueness is a wonderful quality. Establish "points" of difference in all that you do. Living outside of the box is much more than simply USP (Unique Selling Propositions). It's how we think, how we act, and how we live that makes the greater difference in not only our lives, but the lives we touch.

Even entrepreneurs reside inside of the box most of the time. Yes...even the successful one's do. It's easy. It's what we know. Then, why in the world am I writing about getting out of the box? Is it just to give you more work, more to think about, more to do? The answer is both yes and no. Certainly, not for the simple sake of making you do more, but for the complexity of making you do more. Confused yet? I thought so.

You see...when your mind is stimulated, it creates. When you're challenged, you rise to the task. Yes, you could easily live inside of the box your entire life and do quite well. Live a comfortable life, as they say. But, is that really living? It might sound like a great way to go. But there's no growth in simplicity.

It's easy to be successful living life inside of the box. However, it's more fun and more fulfilling "outside" of the box...and, quite a bit more financially rewarding if done right. When you realize how good life can be outside of the little box we call home, you will want to venture out much more often.

What does "outside of the box" mean? It actually has multiple meanings. But...I'll make it easy for you to understand.

When you are outside of the box you do things that are more challenging, more interesting, more intriguing, and more thought provoking. You simply do things unlike others. You make efforts to create memorable experiences. Your creations are lasting and people remember them. You are different.

Here are four ways to live life outside of the box:

  1. Smile when least expected. First of all, smiling is contagious and releases all sorts of good things in your body, including endorphins. Endorphins are substances that help to create a sense of pleasure, peace and well being. This may sound trivial or simple to you. But it's something that can make a big difference. You see, most people don't really smile that often. You remember the song, "Don’t Worry, Be Happy"? Look around, most people are worried and unhappy. Think about the difference you can make by simply putting on a smile! You'll feel better, they'll feel better and you'll be making the world a better place. Think about how different it would be to walk through the streets of Manhattan smiling at everyone and getting a smile back. That's a bit of a big task...but, at least you can do your part!

  2. Say it differently. How many times have we heard the hum-drum opening, "Hi...my name is...I'm calling you because you were referred to me as...etc." First of all, I bore MYSELF silly if I stick to the same old stuff when prospecting. Imagine what I'd be doing to my prospects if I didn't throw them the "change up" every now and again! I'm not saying that you ALWAYS have to do it differently, but it sure keeps you more on top of your game when you force yourself to say things differently that you normally do. Think about how a prospect would feel if you picked up the phone and said something entirely different than what they may expect. Of course, you’re all desperately waiting for me to share with you this brilliant new way of saying things to your prospects, right? Well...I wouldn't be forcing you to think outside of the box if I said it for you now, would I? Be different. Do it differently. Leave varying messages on answering machines when you're prospecting. Test out different words. THINK differently.

  3. Advertise in a new way. Running an ad? Be a little crazy. Look at what everyone else is saying and say it differently. Stop using the same old headlines and ad copy. Get CREATIVE. Isn't that what "out of the box" thinking really is all about? It may take some time to get it down right. You may have to test out many different ads before you get it right. But, when you finally hit it right on the nose, you'll be amazed at the massive results you'll get. Try a different publication, location or newspaper to run your ad. ADVERTISE differently. 

  4. Present it uniquely. Learn how to tell your story so good, so efficiently, and in such an entirely different and entertaining way that you simply can't help but capture the interest of your audience. Once you have bonded and connected with a prospect that you would like to have in your business, you've got to tell your story. Telling your story is simply conveying information to your qualified prospect that allows them to review your business in detail. However, there are lots of ways of telling the story. There are different mediums like live one-on-one presentations, conference calls, recorded overviews, websites, and so on. And, there are different WAYS in which you can present. Obviously, I'm not talking about 'inventing' some new word or piece of the English language that doesn't yet exist. However, if you simply think a bit differently, you may be able to lay out the details of your story in even a modestly different way that may prove to produce a greater desired result.

I think you're getting my drift here. Do it like everybody else does, and you'll get what everybody else gets. Look like everyone else does, and you'll be like everyone else. Sometimes it takes a little purple hair or a little flair to stick out in the crowd. Be daring with your business. Don't worry about being part of the "in" crowd when you go about your business. Sometimes even successful entrepreneurs get stuck in the repetitive routines of daily life and get a little on the dry side.

Expressing your unique points of difference in everything that you do can do nothing but great things for you. You want to stick out, not blend in when it comes to developing yourself into a successful entrepreneur or leader.

Be willing to step outside of the box and you'll be remembered. Stick in the box at all times and you'll likely blend into the mediocrity and the vanilla of society.


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Here is some advice about promoting your work at home business online effectively.


Top Website Traffic Sources

No matter what you are promoting online, in order to succeed, you got to get website traffic, and lots of it...

Whether you are promoting products, services or affiliate programs, more website traffic means more income.

This article will share with you the best free and cheap ways I've learned to get website traffic to my website.

Newbie Note: If you're new at e-commerce, before concentrating your efforts of getting site traffic, take the time to make sure "what" you will be promoting will actually sell. If you plan to market your own products or services, you'll need to identify a large group of potential buyers first. If you plan to promote an existing product, service or opportunity get some real income figures from others already doing it. Once you've accomplished this, you'll have some solid figures to shoot for and you can start pouring on the traffic.

Here's what really works for growing lots of site traffic...

1. Give away value with no strings attached

Giving something of value away for free is a great way to attract website visitors. Thanks to the web, distributing freebies is in itself, free. You don't have to spend a dime to pass out freebies left and right. All you need are a few quality freebies.

2. Go "viral" with your freebies

Viral strategies allow you to multiply your marketing efforts without actually doing more work. Take that example above. You offer a great freebie like an ebook or tutorial. Now, let others give it away for free at their site too, as an incentive, bonus or just for the heck of it. Why not? It adds value to their offering and it creates more visitors to your site as your freebie spreads.

3. Position your site in the search engines

While you absolutely must add your website URL to all the major engines, search engine promotion does not stop there. You need to improve your raking so that your website is not lost among the millions of sites on the web. Unfortunately, many webmasters spend FAR too much time on their search engine ranking. The best strategy in my experience is to optimize all your pages for good ranking, concentrate on getting links, then let the rest take care of itself.

4. Use "pay per click" search engines

Google AdWords provides just about everything you could want in pay per click search advertising. It's quick and easy to set up an account and you can have your ads up and running in about 5 minutes from sign-up. There are excellent tutorials to help the new advertiser, and a number of good tools to assist advertisers to increase conversions. I suggest you try a few.
Here is a useful link about PPC search Engines: Top 10 PPC Search Engines 

5. Advertise in email newsletters

Still a bargain. Have you noticed the larger companies jumping on the ezine advertising bandwagon? They know the value of a dollar. For a few thousand bucks they can take out a half-page ad in ONE magazine offline. For the same price they can advertise in multiple ezines and reach literally hundreds of thousands of prospects, faster and cheaper.

6. Publish your own ezine!

An e-newsletter brings customers back to your site on a regular basis. Every webmaster should offer a way for surfers to sign up for a regular email notice. It doesn't have to be an ezine, you can send specials, freebies or even site updates notices. The key is to keep in touch with the people you manage to get to your site. It's hard work getting traffic, don't let them leave without offering to stay in touch!

7. "Rent" Opt-in email lists

Here's a promotion method that works. It can be a bit more costly than the other methods mentioned here, but it does pull in lots of website traffic. Just visit www.postmasterdirect.com -- arguably the net's most prominent opt-in list services provider, and click on "read some case studies". There you'll see an unsolicited testimonial from yours truly. Although I don't spend money on opt-in list rental too often (I'm cheap!) I do use opt-in services when I need a quick boost in sales.

8. Offer an affiliate program

If the product or service you are promoting is your own, adding an affiliate program to your site is a great "pay for performance only" method of increasing website traffic and in turn sales. It's no wonder that thousands of websites now offer to "share the profits" with their customers.

9. Write Articles

It still surprises me how many people don't try this. All it takes is a few hours each week or month to write about what you know and then have it looked over by someone with editing skills. Then, you tack on a small footer with your URL and fire it off to a list of editors who publish material related to what you're marketing. You then post the articles at your own site with re-publishing permission for other webmasters.

Article Submission Sites: http://www.web-source.net/free_articles.htm

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This is exactly what I am offering to you!

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This is exactly my intention: 

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I can teach you how to use some of your free every-day time to achieve this scope!


You are already thinking: "What's in it for him? Why is he offering this method for free?".

Have patience. You'll find out in thirty seconds, at the end of this little speech of mine.


You may, also, be thinking: "There must be books and other offline and online resources that introduce and analyze the same issue".

Unfortunately most of them stop in the introduction.

On the contrary, this is where this guide starts!  It exploits all the knowledge gathered about creating and promoting a work at home opportunity on the Internet.  You will have to put your hands on the keyboard.  Apart from analyzing each task thoroughly, this practical method guides you, step by step, in the creation of your website.  You will follow the instructions, you will implement every task needed in order to build and optimize your website and transform it into an effective marketing tool, capable to help you become a successful Network Marketer and reach financila freedom!


I understand that you are still skeptical and a bit on the conservative side.

Probably, as you are reading this words, you are asking yourself, inside your mind: 


- Who is Tasos Vasilopoulos?

- How do I know that he really is in position to show me the way to make money working online in a Network Marketing Company?  

- Does he really possess all this knowledge needed to create and maintain a successful work at home business?  

- Does he really has the experience to guide me through this procedure?

- Is his method really successful?


   work at home method - Network Marketing ebook  

The answer is simple:

I'm a Team Leader of SFI.

SFI is the most successful Network Marketing Company on the Internet.

Currently, among the tenths of thousands of active affiliates working for SFI there are a few hundreds of Team Leaders.

I am one of them.


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red checker  I receive bonuses for being a leader, a teacher, a mentor.

Also I’m one like you.


I started from nowhere.

All I had was a computer, a connection to the Internet and my free time.

Also, I had something precious in me: my determination to succeed!

I wanted to become financially independent!

I was determined to obtain my financial freedom!

I didn’t start well. I faced many problems. I am sure you have already understood that English is not my native language. I was working with the dictionary in hand in order to communicate with my co-workers, read from resources on the Internet or in books. I had to learn from my mistakes. I had to make one step at a time and evaluate the results. Many times I had to make steps back, but I always was returning stronger and more determined than ever! I had to read, to learn, to search, to discover, to understand and to organize.

And slowly, things started getting better and better every month. Many ideas were born in my head, as I was exploring and getting to know how Internet marketing works and how I can use its functions for my behalf. New streams of income started appearing in front of me. And my commissions started increasing every month. My co-workers were following my steps and producing results under my instructions and guidance.  Even some network marketers from other companies started writing to me asking my opinion about their marketing methods in promoting their businesses. The first, difficult period, was behind me.

Now I know exactly WHAT to do and HOW to do it.

In this step-by-step guide I include all the experience I gained these last13 years. All the knowledge I have gathered since year 2000 regarding Network Marketing on the Internet.  I have divided my method in tasks. Then I divided these tasks in small, simple steps. Analyzed them. Reworked them. Tested them with my co-workers.  And created this ebook.

My method seems to be simple. But its implementation is not easy. It demands persistence and commitment from your part. As everything important does. Most people have to go to University and study for years to be in position to earn good money.

You can have your website up and running in two weeks. And be ready to receive your first well-targeted visitors after 2 months of 3 hours every day work. Under my instructions many of them will become your clients and, most important, your co-workers.




   The choice is yours!

   Grab this tool that will lead you safely into a well defined and successful plan of work ...


   ... keep searching for the pieces you need to assembly, in order to setup your online business.


You may get this ebook for FREE!

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A significant part of the work of the owner of an online work at home business is to stay informed about changes in the way Internet operates and to seek tools and methods to meliorate the results of his efforts. My intention is to present you in this section the resources I use to keep my online work at home business effective and competitive.

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